A Perfect Night Made Even Better By John Lennon


It was about this time six years ago. The sun was settling into its slumber along the East Coast, and the nip in the air was becoming sharper as I walked with my girlfriend in Central Park.

We found a secluded bridge that looked out to the city and its illuminated skyline and stopped. I fell to one knee.

Thankfully, she said yes.

As we started to walk away, we thought we heard singing. We stopped. It was singing. We walked toward the voices.

It led us to the Strawberry Fields part of the Park. There, about 100 or so people stood in about 25-degree weather singing Beatles and John Lennon songs on the anniversary of his death.

We stayed for about an hour singing along. When one sing finished, one of the many guitarists began strumming and we started into another song. There was no break. It was just singing and pure joy. It was one of those New York moments you hear about and never think you’ll stumble upon.

As the day turns to night on this Dec. 8, I think about the people gathering in Strawberry Fields in Central Park and to sing Lennon’s songs. I hope they have fun. We did.


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